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City of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Indian School Cemetery Healing Reflection and Memorial Event

Click on the link below to see the City of Albuquerque and the  Albuquerque Indian School Cemetery Healing Reflection and Memorial Event video.  It was held on September 25, 2021, at the Native American Community Academy campus.                                                                                                                                        

From NM Interfaith Power and Light

Last week, House leadership announced plans to delay the Build Back Better Act indefinitely. Thankfully, our climate champions in the House kept the faith and refused to put the climate on the back burner! If you’re reading this email, that means your representative is one of those champs.

Write your representative today and let them know that people of faith and conscience are grateful for their courage.

Our communities need the Build Back Better Act and its groundbreaking climate care provisions: 80% carbon-free electricity by 2030, big investments in wind, solar, and electric vehicles, and environmental justice provisions, like funding to remove every single lead water pipe across the country.

All summer long, House leadership had committed to passing this crucial legislation alongside the bipartisan infrastructure bill. But last week, after months of work, leadership told lawmakers to forget about the Build Back Better Act and focus only on the bipartisan bill instead.

That bipartisan infrastructure bill contains some pieces that are good and some that are not-so-good. Regardless, it simply isn't a climate bill. That's why we need the Build Back Better Act, and why we’re so glad our band of faithful climate champions held together. So today, let your representative know that people of faith and conscience stand with them in their conviction that there can be no deal without climate justice.

Path to Citizenship

Find information below regarding a budget resolution passed by congress that includes a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants across the country.  

This recent development means that we are another step closer to delivering a path to citizenship. The We Are Home Campaign and its partners are building on the momentum to get this done via reconciliation in the weeks to come.

CONTENT IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH is available in the toolkit.

On Oct. 5th the NMCC Board authorized a new job description for the next NMCC Executive, established a Search Committee and timeline, as well as crafted the Budget for 2017! The future is approaching.

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